Superswell Music

Extremely original music for discriminating producers of cartoons and commercials.

What We Do

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    Original Score & Composition

    There is no substitute for original music scored to picture. Nuance, timing -- the music should convey what your characters cannot say. Contact Phofo today to experience the magic of a unique, custom-made score crafted for your individual project.

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    Sonic Branding

    The Mac start-up sound... the brass fanfare of the 20th Century Fox searchlights... the three NBC chimes... Intel... the roar of the MGM lion... By Mennen!... Let us help you find the mnemonic for your audio logo and give your brand its signature sound.

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    Music Supervision & Licensing

    Our encyclopedic knowledge of music and licensing will ensure that the perfect song is selected for synchronization. We handle everything from the creative (searching and finding the perfect song) to licensing (securing masters and publishing rights).

Unique and amazing Original Music for TV, Film, and Commercials.

Hire an exciting and dependable composer who knows how to communicate with other human beings!